Day: September 16, 2021

Supporting Broadway Artists

It is safe to say that every business and industry suffered as a result of the pandemic followed by a global recession. The food and service industry took a huge hit, and apart from that, performing artists were hurt badly because of covid as theatres had to close down and there was no other way for them to earn an income. A lot of them suffered serious financial crises and are still struggling to bring food to the table. Now that theatres and performing art centers and opening and hosting events now, it is time for you to do your part in trying to support them. You can do this by looking for updates to a Broadway show happening near you and then attend it. You can also ask friends and/or family to join you in supporting struggling artists right now.

The great thing about Broadway is that you can find all kinds of shows that belong to different musical genres, and can have different themes and casts. You can find shows for Hamilton which is great for people that enjoy history, there will be shows on Lion King for the people that loved Disney, Kiki Boots, and Chicago for people that want to support LGBTQIA+ shows and viewings, and so on. Broadway is so incredibly vast and diverse that there is something for everyone. So, it is not that you hate broadway, it is more so the fact that you just have not found the right show/category for yourself. We all love our artists and consume so many different forms of art every single day. If you want to continue supporting small and indie theatres that are trying to do their own thing, then you need to promote them and go to their shows because you owe them as much.

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